Who is speaking at this event?

Good question!

We are constantly working on building our speaker list and will be updating it as soon as possible. Past speakers have included leaders such as: Jim Wideman, Beth Guckenberger, Brad Tate, Yancy, Michael Chanley, Bo Harrington, Chad Owens, Wayne Stocks, Linda Ranson Jacobs, Jeffrey Reed, Andy Kirk, David Wakerley, Marie Kuck and many others!

What if I can’t afford the cost of registration?

Our events and programs are designed to serve the local church. So long as we have room, we will do what we can to make it affordable for you to join us at an event. If possible, we will scholarship you to be included in our programs. This is all possible because of the generosity of our donor network.

Please do not hesitate to ask. It is important to us to help you get the training you need to be more effective in your ministry to children.

If you would like to apply for a full or partial scholarship to cover registration or program expenses, then please fill out the short form here: Scholarship Application.

Where is it?

We will be in the Detroit, Michigan region in 2018.

The church and venue address are:

2|42 Community Church

7526 Grand River Ave

Brighton, MI 48114

Can I volunteer to serve at the Children’s Ministry Conference?

Are you kidding? What children’s ministry leader ever turned away a volunteer? Of course you can serve with us! We are always looking for great people to represent our ministry to our guests.

You can apply to be a part of our Serve Team here: Volunteer Application.

How can my business/ministry become a part of this event?

Past sponsors of our conference include leading ministry organizations like: LifeWay Kids, ReThink, Group Publishing, Superbook, D6, Standard Publishing, Incredible Islands, Chambers Ministry Group, Indiana Wesleyan University and others.

We have a limited amount of space in our programming for sponsors and limited space for booths. Our Resource Connection Center (RCC) typically fills to capacity; we encourage interested parties to reserve their space as early as possible.

We are very intentional about providing partnership opportunities for ministries and organizations. Our goal is to serve the resourcer network by connecting them with our online community of over 13.000 children’s leaders and our guests at our events. We have many options to get your brand and resources in front of our growing audience and would be honored to serve you.

If you would like to participate as a sponsor, please fill out this short form: Advertising and Sponsorship Interest Form. Someone from our team will be in contact with you directly.

What is your cancellation policy?

We try to take every consideration into account when making decisions about issuing refunds. However, please know we plan our events way in advance and use the funds collected to scholarship less-resourced churches into our training. This being said, our policy for cancellations and refunds is as follows:

  • If requesting a refund more than 3 months before the event, we will charge a $60 cancellation fee and return the balance of your expense.
  • With rare exceptions, refund requests after the 3 month deadline will not be permitted.
  • If a cancellation occurs after the 3 month deadline we will apply a credit towards your account for the following year’s event, less the $60 cancellation fee. However, the credit must be used for an event within the next 18-months from cancellation.

At the end of the day, we are here to serve you and will definitely take all circumstances into consideration. Please know we have fixed expenses we must manage when planning our events. The cancellation fee will help to cover some, but not all, of these expenses.

What do I get with registration?

Every registration (rego), will cover the cost of training for at least one other children’s ministry leader in a less resourced region of the world… that’s really important to us and we hope it is to you too! You’ll also get a super cool and super soft t-shirt of awesomeness!

Will there be any resource providers or vendors at the event?

Yes. We work closely with the top creators and publishers of children’s ministry resources to connect them with our community. This includes inviting them to partner with us in our events and via our free online social network: CMNetwork.

As a guest to our conference, you will have free access to the Resource Connection Center (RCC). Here, you’ll be able to explore and shop for the top resources for children’s ministry… while networking with leading thinkers in our movement!

Do you have group rates available?

Yes. In fact, we have designed our event to serve the needs of churches of all sizes. Therefore, we classify a group as being “where two or more are gathered” … you get a group discount for registrations with groups as small as two paying guests.

When is it?

Check-in opens Monday, April 30, 2018 at 4:00 PM EDT and we wrap everything up by Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT (a little earlier if you bail before the after-party ends).

Can I bring my boss?

Yes. If they are the Senior Pastor, or an Executive Pastor who oversees your Children’s Ministry, then they can come for FREE!

To take advantage of this offer, please email Team@CMConnect.org and include the name, email address and phone number of the leader you’d like to register.

How do I apply to be a speaker?

All of the speakers at our conference are volunteers and cover their own expenses. This method allows us to provide a generous scholarship program and to apply more funds toward our mission programs.

If you are feeling called to serve as a speaker, please fill out this form: Speaker Application and Information. One of our team members will contact you at their earliest convenience. Please be patient, we get many requests for speakers and the selection process can take quite a bit of time. Final selection for speakers will not happen until a few months before the event.

Can my church be included on this year’s church tour?

We weigh many factors when selecting a church location for the church tours. Your willingness to be a part of this program is a great first step!

We take into consideration creative atmosphere, innovative programs and realistic design. Churches are not selected based on size or wow factor alone. We strive to select a mix of amazing locations and practical environments… all with the hope of encouraging leaders to do more with their children’s environments. The goal of this program is encouraging leaders to visit churches which will inspire them to do more with their ministry.

If your church would like to be open to receive guests for this year’s tour, please fill out this form: Church Tour Application. Then, our selection team will connect with you about next steps.


What the what? Why another Children’s Ministry Conference?

Our community has asked us for several years to create an event to bring together the connections made online at through our various children’s ministry networks. Now, we have an opportunity to do so! More importantly, our event is going to bring together a very unique global perspective on children’s ministry. All revenue raised from the event will go to support our nonprofit mission.

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