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We bring together people called to lead children and connect them to great resources and training.



Our ministry exists to serve under-resourced children’s workers and to challenge people to serve the “least of these” in their local community.



Together we create momentum within the church to advance a generation of people called to serve Christ and His children.

Be a part of something great.

When you choose to support our ministry you enable the eternally significant work of serving children. We rely on people, like you, who understand the importance of raising a generation of Christ followers by equipping those who are discipling them today.


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Our Story

Our ministry began in 2008 as a social network designed to bring together children’s ministry leaders in a free online community. It has since grown to serve the global Church through events, training and advocacy.

Today, we are a nonprofit mission, funded by local churches, individual donors and various ministry sponsors. We look to God for a bright future and believe He will rise up as we work to stand with one another in unity.

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Current Projects


Tory has been working with international and Dutch youth in the Amsterdam area. Along with helping out with youth camps and dad/kid camps, he co-leads a group of English speaking 10-14 year olds from Crossroads International Church. This group of amazing youth meets for fun and community. The leaders of this group use the meetings to share with the youth about God and how He loves them.

Along with working with the church to continue developing their English kid’s programs, Tory plans to continue using social events for expat/international youth as a way of connecting with more kids and families in the area while also doing English tutoring to connect with the local Dutch kids.

Your support will allow Tory to continue working with this group while also allowing him to connect more with the expat/international community and the Dutch community.


Working alongside the people in the southern part of Belize, David and Karen share the Love of Jesus by implementing children and student ministry into public schools (presently 6 schools/2,000+ children each week) and local churches.  They have established feeding and food distribution programs (close to 1 million meals annually) with the goal of moving towards community gardens.  They also organize quarterly medical teams with free medicine and vitamins and have both a stationary clinic as well as “mobile” medical equipment.

Your support of their ministry ensures they can continue to reach the children and children’s leaders indigenous to the nation of Belize.


Maryam has created an innovative ministry program designed to serve Farsi speaking children around the world. As “Aunty Maryam,” she teaches children about Jesus. Her program is viewed by millions in Iran, Afghanistan and other Farsi speaking communities. Many of the families watching her program are Muslim.

Supporting her ministry ensures this vital ministry into the Middle East will continue.


Our friend in Lebanon, Youeel Tarabay, is working to train children’s leaders from the Middle East region. He combines basic teacher training with ministry to fit the needs of his community in a unique and innovative way.

This year, they will be doing three different events to serve the community there. The image to the right is of graduates from one of these programs. It is more academic in focus and is led by local leaders serving one another.

Your support of this ministry will help to ensure this program can grow to serve even more leaders in the Middle East region.


In Uganda, we are working with Basic Bible Truths to develop a training program for leaders of children. We are also raising support for Bibles to be used by Pastor Henry in the school he helps lead.

Your support of our projects in Uganda ensure the good news will be presented to the children in churches all across the country.


Pastor Alex Fedorchuk leads an organization called “Agape” in Ukraine. Their ministry works to serve over 3,000 orphans with encouragement and love. They teach the children basic bible truths and provide support programs for orphans as they age out of their homes.

Your support of Agape provides for continued ministry to orphans in Ukraine. In partnership with Pastor Alex’s ministry, we have also launched the Orphan Prayer Initiative.

To order prayer cards, email: Team@CMConnect.org


In March of 2019, the Bowen family will return to Guayaquil, Ecuador as we present 2 conferences and 2 trainings with the Quichua Believers.  This is a tri-lingual conference in English, Spanish and Quichua.  We will be working with both the believers in the City of Guayquil as well as with the believers in more remote villages in the mountains.

Twenty churches, represented by their pastors, spouses and some young adults gathered together in 2018 to deepen their abilities to teach Scripture as God’s Authoritative Word and to help young people discern the differences between cultural expression and God’s truth.

Additionally, it was a joy to discover multiple modalities of learning, and experience memorizing God’s Word through pictures, actions and song. The Quichua believers are traditionally an oral people, therefore their ability to to relay the accounts of Scripture through story-telling and song are amazing!

We are partnered with Pastor Manuel and Sister Fransica in overseeing the conferences.  Pastor Manuel is a shepherd of pastors, and he travels through out both Guayaquil and Ecuador encouraging the elders of the churches.  He is also part of the seminary there.

In 2019, we anticipate increase not only because of 2 locations, but because March is their school term break (like our summer break).  We will have a children’s ministry intensive the day before each conference.  Then, Michelle, our daughters, plus those from the local churches who attend the the training, will lead the children for a week of camp while Michael leads the pastors and family conference.

Our current project need is $5,000 toward the work in Ecuador this March, and is needed by January, 2019.

Please, also be in prayer as we seek to add an additional team member or two to the Quichua Family Pastors Conference.

Ecuador Family Pastors Conference

To order prayer cards, email: Team@CMConnect.org

Past and Upcoming Projects

Some of the projects in our current pipeline of development are:

  • Establishing a ministry office and training center
  • Developing a library of free resources for children’s ministry leaders and teachers
  • Feeding and medical support for ministries in the Middle East
  • Global Training Team launch program
  • Implementing a program to prevent child sexual abuse in the Church

If you’d like additional information, or want to help get one of these projects moving forward, please contact us: Team@CMConnect.org.

Since 2014, we’ve been able to launch or fund the following programs:

  • Training for children’s workers in Egypt
  • Resources for a mission trip to Greece
  • Training and consulting for children’s ministry in Australia
  • Curriculum for the entire nation of Belize
  • Planning and launching the Children’s Ministry Conference
  • Free resources to serve several church plants in the USA and Australia
  • Development of free online training and leadership encouragement
  • Recruitment of key staff and volunteers
  • Leading and mentoring three new ministry interns
  • Serving at various children’s ministry and missions conferences and retreats
  • Raising funds to serve children’s workers in Ebola stricken Liberia
  • Working to fund a children’s pastor who is fleeing persecution in Egypt
  • Training of children’s workers in Rwanda
  • Exploratory trip to Kenya and Uganda to plan future projects
  • Support of children’s ministry development in Netherlands
  • Launching of the global orphan prayer initiative
  • Creation of the CMNow podcast to provide free training to our community
  • Training of children and children’s leaders in Colombia

… and many more to come!

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