4.2 Children per Second

In the time it takes you to count ten seconds, the world’s population of new people will increase by about 42 souls. That’s because, every second, somewhere on this planet, it is estimated 4.2 children are born. Can you visualize what it would look like if they were all in one place? Let’s just do the numbers: 252 per minute, 15,120 per hour, 362,880 per day and, in the course of about 3 ½ weeks, the population of New York City has been brought to life. Imagine a city full of newborn babies? it would be overwhelming. Seriously, that is an awful lot of dirty diapers!

Thankfully, those little ones are spread all around the planet. Have you ever stopped to think about what their future might hold? They are the next Church. Each and every one of them deserves an opportunity to know God’s love. I believe we have an opportunity and a responsibility to reach out to them. “Go and make disciples of all nations…” is Jesus’ challenge to us in Matthew 28. Together, we can ensure the children have a local leader who is willing to disciple them.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.54.28 AMThis month, a small team of leaders (pictured to the right) will be traveling to Tanzania. Greg, Trevor and I are all from the USA. Simeon is from Burundi and Jeffrey is from Zimbabwe. We’ll be serving to launch a program which has been developed by the local church and in partnership with one of our ministry publishing friends: David C Cook. We helped them to launch a similar resource in Rwanda earlier this year (where this picture was taken). This time, the resource will be launched in a new language: Swahili. We expect to train about 250 to 300 leaders of leaders while in Tanzania.

Please be in prayer for us as we travel. These trips are always a challenge and there are many cultural and language barriers to overcome. Ask me sometime about how poorly my sense of humor translates. Or better yet, ask Trevor. Please pray we are able to clearly explain the materials and successfully equip the leaders to lead the children. Pray for the children who will receive the discipleship training and those who the child will grow to disciple. Pray for safety… and for our families we are leaving behind; their sacrifice and support is a huge part of what makes our work possible.

Thank you for being a part of our community and for your prayers and encouragement. A huge thank you to those who made a donation to support us last month. We didn’t quite meet our goal of 311 people who will give a dollar a day; but, we did raise enough support to help make this current trip a reality. There is much more work to do and we are looking forward to the challenges. This summer we are hoping to acquire office space to create a global training center for children’s leaders. We are planning fall trips to serve in Belize and trying to raise funds for a trip to do training in the Middle East. 

If you’d like to stand with us by helping to provide funding support for our ministry, you can make a donation here.

I’d love for you to join us and to follow along in our journey. You can find me on instagram, facebook or twitter, just search my name or “CMConnect.” I am honored to stay connected with you!

Thanks for your prayers and ongoing friendship,

Michael Chanley

President and Executive Director, CMConnect

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