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April 30 - May 3, 2018

2|42 Community Church

Brighton, Michigan, USA

“This is what a children’s ministry conference would look like if it were put together by children’s ministers.

… equal parts challenging, in depth-learning, rejuvenating corporate worship, valuable networking and a refreshing gathering of friends.

– Wayne Stocks, popular blogger and speaker



4:00 pm   Registration Opens
6:00 pm   Main Gathering 1
8:00 pm   After Party


8:30 am    Registration Opens
9:00 am    Breakout 1
10:00 am   Breakout 2
11:00 am   Lunch
1:00 pm    Breakout 3
2:00 pm    Breakout 4
4:00 pm    Main Gathering 2
7:00 pm    After Party


9:00 am    Breakout 5
10:00 am   Breakout 6
11:00 am   Lunch
12:00 pm    Resource Connection Center Opens
1:00 pm    Breakout 7
2:00 pm    Breakout 8
4:00 pm    Main Gathering 3
6:30 pm    Resource Connection Center Closes
7:00 pm    After Party


8:30 am    Doors open
8:30 am    Resource Connection Center Opens
9:00 am    Breakout 9
10:00 am   Breakout 10
11:00 am   Lunch
1:00 pm    Breakout 11
2:00 pm    Breakout 12
3:30 pm    Main Gathering 4
4:00 pm    Resource Connection Center Closes
6:00 pm    After Party


Every event is designed to connect local leaders to best practices, to one another and to God.



Our ministry serves the local church, and those who are called to serve God’s children.



We exist to advance the work of the local Church in their efforts to disciple this generation.

RATES for CMConference North America

    $59 per person
    • Our discounted rate for students
    $59 per person
    • Our discounted rate for guests from outside of North America
    $19 per person
    We have a generous scholarship policy for churches in need, offering up to 100% scholarships. The $11 application fee is non-refundable.

Included in your registration:

  • 100+ training sessions
  • full conference access
  • super-epic t-shirt
  • unlimited networking opportunities





Tue @ 9 | Breakout Session 01

Blueprint for a Healthy Kidmin with Jared Lilly – Kids’ Activity Room

Are you new the game? Are wanting to establish solid goals for your kidmin? This session will cover the foundation, purposes, safety and aesthetics of a healthy kidmin and then point you towards resources to accomplish them!


Let’s Open up the Conversation About Gender Identity Issues in the Church with Linda Ranson Jacobs – Kids’ Auditorium

Churches need to be prepared to deal with this exploding situation. Do you speak the LGBTQ jargon? Know what to say and how to say it. Bathrooms, camps and overnight events will be impacted. What will you do?


Worship vs Entertainment with Justin Graves – Kids Park

Music is a powerful tool that helps connect the head, heart, and body in whole-hearted worship of Jesus. Join us to discuss how can we creatively engage kids through musical worship instead of merely entertaining them.


A Promise and a Plan From a Bigger Than Big God with Karen Apple – Meeting Room 01

We will discover how the stories of the Old Testament children reveal God’s character and point toward His Son, Jesus. Preschoolers love stories and can learn about God’s big love through these mighty adventures.


I Have Volunteers…Now What? with Bo Harrington – Meeting Room 02

In this session you will discover how to create a leadership development track for your volunteers. You will leave with tools and ideas you can immediately implement.


Equipping and Resourcing Your Team for Special Needs Ministry with Marie Kuck – Meeting Room 03

Don’t have Special Ed teachers lining up to serve? Come learn how to resource everyday folks that love kids with practical tools that will give them the confidence to minister to kids with all types of special needs.


How Our Children’s Ministry Doubled with Trisha Peach – Meeting Room 04

Let’s get real about what worked and what did not work to grow our kids’ ministry (300 to 600 kids). Learn the five keys that grew our ministry exponentially. Hint: it was not a curriculum!


Dealing With Depression with Ron Brooks – Meeting Room 05

If you struggle with depression, you are not alone. This session will look at biblical examples and help you identify some possible causes for depression; as well as some practical ways to help you break out of your depression and move forward.


How To Keep Kids on the Edge of Their Seats with Roger Fields – Student Auditorium

How to use interaction in creative ways to gets kids involved. Learn how to play a high-octane game, use an interruptive skit, and more.

Tue @ 10 | Breakout Session 02

Help! These Kids are Out of Control! with Trisha Peach – Kids’ Activity Room

You can have the positive kids’ ministry you have dreamed of! Here is how to develop a positive classroom discipline policy that keeps things fun for the kids while protecting you and your ministry! Leave with a plan!


Pulling Preschoolers into Praise with Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake) – Kids’ Auditorium

Exactly what is “PRAISE” Take a deep biblical look into God’s definitions and His methods, then learn 7 strong ways to practice praise for yourself AND for little ones. Make the choice to REJOICE and watch little lives follow your example!


Creative ways to memorize scripture with Jeff McCullough – Kids Park

Combining music, motions, games and scripture to help people of any learning style have fun while memorizing. Everybody has a unique learning style. Explore ways to teach using all leaning styles at once with very effective results.


Infants and Toddlers are Ready to Learn About Jesus with Karen Apple – Meeting Room 01

Rock, read, play, and sing. During every activity and in the middle of each routine, we can teach these little learners about Jesus. Being off your rocker can be a good thing when you are showing and telling the “littles” about God’s great love.


Volunteers: How to Get Them, How to Keep Them with Ricardo Miller – Meeting Room 02

There are a large number of volunteers assigned to help you in fulfilling your assignment to children and families. Discovering how to effectively recruit and retain volunteers is possible. This workshop will help you do just that.


Special Needs Ministry-Ready?Set! Go! with Marie Kuck – Meeting Room 03

Kids with special needs are coming but where do you even begin? Take a deep breath and join this workshop that will take you step by step on how to put together a plan to minister to kids with special needs.


Know Your Neighbor with Michelle Bowen – Meeting Room 04

Connect with the families in your neighborhood through community partnerships and local events. Also, learn the secrets of effective follow-up that leads to disciple-making.


In the Valley – Ministry During Loss and Tough Times with Joy Feemster – Meeting Room 05

What happens in times of personal loss when you still hold a position in ministry? How do you “keep on keeping on”? Should you? How do you get the help you need, both personally and in ministry? Explore these topics and more in this session.


Becoming a Behavior Manager for Misbehaving Kids with Linda Ranson Jacobs – Student Auditorium

Misbehaving kids do not know how to internally regulate themselves, so they seek outside regulation. In other words, they need a behavior manager. Learn advanced and unusual tips to help you be successful with these hurting kids.


Tue @ 1 | Breakout Session 03

Just a Volunteer with Bill Gunter – Kids Auditorium

Volunteers are vital in ministry, but balancing life and ministry can be difficult. People in FT ministry cannot always relate. Hear lessons learned from a veteran volunteer and be refreshed in your calling as a volunteer in whatever role you serve.


Killing Me Softly with Sabrina Williams – Kids Park

Music is part of our everyday lives, but often the beats of a song can disguise the message. The bible clearly says there is death and life in the power of the tongue. Is my music Killing Me Softly?


Keep Your Cool so the Preschoolers Don’t Lose Theirs with Karen Apple – Meeting Room 01

Preschool discipline is way more than rules. It is about relationships, understanding how kids learn, and engaging them in awesome learning experiences. Join the fun as we change the dynamic of preschool ministry behavior management.


Recruiting and Training in a Revitalization Culture with Joe Bridger – Meeting Room 02

Church Revitalization is happening. In kids’ ministry this means how we approach revitalization and it makes a difference to longevity and stress. We will discuss how to discern who to keep and who to lovingly let go.


Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll with Michelle Bowen – Meeting Room 03

Are you preparing children and youth to fight the very real spiritual battles against our physical bodies? Equip yourself to foster proactive ministry in your church and families in our modern day world.


When the Unchurched come to Church with Dan Jenkins – Meeting Room 04

What about children whose parents are not a part of the process? What about those who are dropped off, picked up on a bus or find another way to come? What about those who are unchurched? Is it not our calling to find a way to connect them to Christ!


How to Break the Hex Over Life and Ministry with Roger Fields – Meeting Room 05 

Learn how blending the message of the cross with religious obligations can weaken life. This session will free your heart, mind, and spirit… and it will be fun!

Tue @ 2 | Breakout Session 04

How To Avoid Burnout with Ricardo Miller – Kids Activity Room

After 22 years of ministry, I still have joy and wake up everyday excited about what I have been called to do. In this workshop I will help you discover how to lead and build a burnout-proof department.


Elevate Your Leadership Game with Bo Harrington – Kids Auditorium

As your ministry grows, the demands of leadership change. You have to think strategically, plan ahead, and leverage people’s talents. In this session, using “Chess Not Checkers” as a backdrop, we will talk through 4 ways to elevate your game.


Turn why do we evangelize? into this is WHY we evanglize! with Jeff McCullough – Kids Park

Why do we memorize God’s word, Why should we evangelize, Why should we go and make disciples? Once you have a clear understanding of the WHY the what, how and who become very clear. Learn to inspire, excite and equip kids, leaders and parents to find news fun ways to do what God has called us to. they just need to know WHY!


Creative and Consistent Theming with Corinne Noble – Meeting Room 01

Is your theming limited to the title of your series or a simple graphic on a screen? I will show you how you can creatively leverage theming in everything you do: games, environments, media, skits, and more. Effective theming can be done on a budget!


Golden Agers – Our Wonderful Senior Volunteers with Joy Feemster – Meeting Room 02

They are retired, they have time on their hands, they have a great work ethic, and they love Jesus. We will discuss how to recruit/retain these wonderful people resources and let them create a positive buzz for children’s ministry in your church.


Using Minecraft to Teach Biblical Truth with Bill Gunter – Meeting Room 03

What if we take things a child does outside the church and use it to build a bridge to the things of God? Using Minecraft, we can engage a child’s imagination, help them embrace the things of God, and encourage them to share God with their friends.


Easy Outreach Tip #542… Summer Day Camps! with Adam Leigh – Meeting Room 04

Have you ever heard of churches reaching their communities through summer day camps? Well, I have worked to create an ongoing camp series from the ground up and would love to give you insights into the benefits.


Creating a Loving Environment: Special Needs Ministry 101 with Doug Olson – Meeting Room 05

What are parents looking for when they bring their son or daughter with unique needs to your program? The first step in welcoming a child with special needs is showing mom and dad you love their child.

Wed @ 9 | Breakout Session 05

Becoming Who God Has Created You to Be with Josh and Kate Richter – Kids Activity Room

You feel it – there is a stirring on the inside for something more, but you do not know how to get there. In this class, we will walk through the first steps and give you a plan to become that person.


The Golden Rule… Eliminating PERPL Communication with Adam Leigh – Kids Auditorium

Have you ever received an email you wish you would not have opened? Actually, have you ever sent one you wish you had not? Upon entering my first ministry role, I put a stop to any PERPL electronic communication, and I would love to share this tool!


Recognizing the Seasons of Ministry with Joe Bridger – Kids Park

What do you do when you are suddenly wearing flip flops in a snow bank? Ministry has cycles and annual seasons. Are you ready; and, can you discern when a new season is coming?


Round Table – This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Children’s Ministry: Dealing with the Fallout of Today’s Modern Families with Wayne Stocks and Linda Ranson Jacobs – Meeting Room 01

Join a panel of experts on ministering to kids from Modern Families as we share our experiences and answer your questions on reaching and ministering to kids growing up in modern families.


Recruiting: Strategies to Carry You to a Waiting List with Doug Olson – Meeting Room 02

What does a recruiting pipeline look like? How can I implement a strategy that nets me a waiting list? In this session we will discuss key components in recruiting in a relational way. Insight into people asking you to join the team!


Its All About Relationships with Dan Jenkins – Meeting Room 03

Ministry is all about relationship. Join us and explore practical tips for developing your top priorities (God & Family), creating a strong network and reaching out and connecting to others. The key to it all is relationships.


Nursery with a Purpose with Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake) – Meeting Room 05

Start early! Spiritual formation can begin in babies and toddlers.”From infancy you have known the holy scriptures…”(2 Tim 3:15)”Nursing infants are gurgling choruses about you, God.” (Psalm 8:2) Jesus blessed them and so can we!

Wed @ 10 | Breakout Session 06

Burnout-Proof Yourself and Your Team with Josh and Kate Richter – Kids Activity Room

It is not hard to burnout-proof; you just need to know what to do. Discover the simple things that you can do to prevent yourself and your team from ever arriving at the place of burnout. Do not wait until it is too late to find out what is needed!


Visionary Leadership with Michael Bowen – Kids Auditorium

Discover the importance of vision in ministry. Learn how to develop an atmosphere for ministry ownership for both volunteers and parents through effective and continual vision casting.


Discerning Your Calling? with Joe Bridger – Kids Park

Have you heard God say, “It is time for you to step up and become a lead pastor” or take on a different role all together? Maybe you are being called to grow into a new kind of ministry? How do you discern the time for change? Let’s talk about it.


How to Minister to Kids from Modern Families with Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 01

Families take on all shapes and sizes. This workshop will introduce the challenges of ministering to children from modern families and disrupted homes. It will also provide tips and ideas on what you and your church can do to minister to these kids.


The One Rule that May Save Your Ministry with Trisha Peach – Meeting Room 02

Let me tell you about the night my ministry almost ended, and the one rule that saved it….


Writing Your Own Resources with Ron Brooks – Meeting Room 03

Writing does not have to be intimidating. Whether you want to write a lesson, a curriculum, or a book. This session will give you tips to take you from blank page to valuable resource.


Making Church Irresistible to Kids with Ricardo Miller – Meeting Room 04

Now, more than ever, we have to raise the standard of the quality of service we provide to the children in our congregation and to those who desire to attend our churches. This workshop will show you how to make church a place kids want to be and return to.


Understanding Emotional Concussions with Linda Ranson Jacobs – Meeting Room 05

In our world today many children experience what is known as an “emotional concussion”. These concussions can be just as lethal, sometimes even more so, than a physical concussion. Learn how to recognize an emotional concussion and how to treat them.

Wed @ 1 | Breakout Session 07

Becoming a Gravitational Leader with Jarom Smith – Kids Activity Room

PROBLEM: Many children live their whole lives afraid to become a powerful person or leader. ACTION: We target the insecurities that keep us afraid and learn to set ourselves on a higher plane through service to others and intentional affirmation.


Becoming an Effective Bible Teacher (Part 1) with Anne Marie Gosnell – Kids’ Auditorium

This session includes encouragement for those who teach the Bible, hindrances that cause us to not be excellent teachers, reminders of the nature and purpose of God’s word, and practical ways for how to improve ourselves.


Best Hour of the Week with Sabrina Williams – Kids’ Park

No matter how long adult worship is you really only need to make sure one hour of children’s worship is impactful. This class you help you plan the best and most impactful hour of your children’s week.


Interactive Family Worship with Toni James – Meeting Room 01

Here are some tips on how to make your family worship an interactive experience that will engage all ages while not focusing on any one age group. Seem impossible? It’s not, and I will show you what I mean.


Kidmin Security with Phillip Sexton – Meeting Room 02

In the current society we live in, it is important we take responsibility of safety and security in our ministries seriously. Join us as we have a discussion about the things we can do to prevent catastrophe. One tragic event is one too many.


Creating Your Own Curriculum with Corinne Noble – Meeting Room 03

Have you always wanted to give writing your own curriculum a try? Are you tired of using up your entire budget on expensive curriculum that you have to heavily edit every week? I will share how to go from a blank page of paper to a full curriculum series.


Instilling Missions in Children with Becky Stanley – Meeting Room 04

The presentation will address the need to cultivate a child’s heart for missions, best practices to do so, and tools to engage in mission opportunities.


How to Help a Grieving Child with Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 05

Working with children is fun, but it also means helping them as they struggle and walking with them through difficult times. This workshop will offer practical tools and resources you can use to help a child grieving any kind of loss.

Wed @ 2 | Breakout Session 08

Autism Spectrum Disorder – Ideas to Try with Barbara Newman – Kids Activity Room

Using the 6 differences often seen in children with ASD as a framework, discover multiple practical strategies you can use in your children’s ministry to welcome and include. Leave with more information about ASD, but also loads of ideas to try.


Becoming an Effective Bible Teacher (Part 2) with Anne Marie Gosnell – Kids’ Auditorium

This session includes how to prepare and execute an excellent Bible lesson. The stage and atmosphere is important when teaching. Also explore how Jesus was, and still is, a Master Teacher and how we can be equipped to teach as He does.


Leading During Transitions with Toni James – Kids’ Park

Anytime there is a transition in the church, whether it is a changing staff member or some other big change, situations arise that simply do not happen at other times. Here are a few tips to help you navigate these times of change.


Grounded in the Gospel with Michael Bowen – Meeting Room 01

The gospel is central to all biblical teaching and spiritual growth. Discover how to keep the gospel at the center of your ministry and learn how to equip leaders and parents to effectively communicate the gospel in both large and small group settings.


Big Ideas, Small Budget with Joy Feemster – Meeting Room 02

How to get the most bang for your buck in children’s ministry! From curriculum to VBS decor, craft and game supplies, classroom needs, and volunteer gifts; this hands-on breakout will give you great ideas to save money.


Top 10 Signs You are Using the WRONG Curriculum! with Josh and Kate Richter – Meeting Room 03

Is your curriculum the right fit for you, your team, and your kids? Or have you been pouring time and energy into the wrong one for way too long? Find out in this class!


Urban Ministry with Sabrina Williams – Meeting Room 04

“Urban” by its definition means city, but today we cannot look at urban as a color or location, but content. With socio-economics changing, so are communities. So, how do believers share the gospel with an urban child? We will explore the culture.


Please Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff with Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 05

Kids today are dealing with a lot of junk. This practical workshop offers up a variety of fun and effective coping mechanisms to help you help kids who are dealing with anxiety, fear, stress, confusion, grief, and other overwhelming emotions.

Thr @ 9 | Breakout Session 09

Behavior Management Playing Field with Barbara Newman – Kids’ Activity Room

Be equipped with multiple tools to support individuals with unique behavior needs. Gain strategies for including individuals with intense behavior needs; and leave with a framework to use when interacting with all individuals in your ministry.


Making Early Faith STICK with Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake) – Kids’ Auditorium

Statistics regarding healthy and lasting faith are depressing. What can we do to create “sticky faith” in children? Can they have authentic encounters with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? How do we help them choose to follow Jesus?


Navigating Change with Phillip Sexton – Kids Park

Change is inevitable. Sometimes it’s painful. Sometimes it looks funny. How you handle change, though, will dictate how well you lead others through it and come out on the other side in a better place.


Family Friendly Church-What does it really mean? with Dan Jenkins – Meeting Room 01

Imagine for a moment that you are walking into a Church for the very first time. In this session we will explore what it truly means to be a family friendly church!


Walk away with a VBS Plan: Part 1 with Jen Kline – Meeting Room 02

Learn some practical methods for organizing your VBS. After attending Part 1 and Part 2 of this training session, you should be able to walk away confidently knowing that your VBS planning has set you up for your Best VBS.


Discipleship Ministry versus Program Mentality with Michael Bowen – Meeting Room 03

What is the role of a disciple-maker in the church, or in a family? Explore discipleship relationships throughout Scripture and examine how those biblical examples should influence our ministry to children, youth, and parents today.


Engage the Invisible “Army” in Your Midst & Become More Effective with Lynda Freeman – Meeting Room 04

They are there, in your midst. An “invisible” “army” when engaged and equipped will help you become more effective and will powerfully impact children and families! Learn how to connect with and engage the grandparents in your church.


Round Table – Dealing With “That Kid” – A Discussion of How to Handle Your Biggest Discipline Issues with Wayne Stocks and Doug Olson – Meeting Room 05

A panel of children’s ministry workers including Wayne Stocks and Doug Olson tackle the age old question, “Yeah, but how do I deal with this one kid in my ministry who….?” Come share your questions and experiences as we tackle this question together.


Effective Stage Communication with Corinne Noble – Student Auditorium

Do you want to learn how to be as effective at communicating with kids onstage as you are offstage? Join me for tips on introductions, transitions, how to include your entire audience, and how to tell when your audience has checked out.

Thr @ 10 | Breakout Session 10

Children’s Ministry Where All Are Welcome with Barbara Newman – Kids’ Activity Room 

How to design your kidmin to be accessible and welcome for kids of all abilities? Discover important processes, equipment, and tools to build into your kidmin, so that each child experiences a place of welcome, safety, and learning.


10 Common Mistakes Children’s Ministry Leaders Make & How to Avoid Them with Ricardo Miller – Kids’ Auditorium

It is often been said that experience is the best teacher. Not all true. Learning from someone else’s experience is a valuable tool. If you discover mistakes others have made, you can increase your chances of success without some of the hardship.


Share God’s BIG LOVE with Little Lives with Jean Thomason (Miss PattyCake) – Student Auditorium

Want some enthusiastic confidence for the job of spiritual formation?”Miss PattyCake” (Jean Thomason) CAN HELP! With biblical directives and creative ideas, be empowered to help lay a spiritual foundation in little lives. And have FUN!


How Churches can Support and Encourage Single Guys in Children’s Ministry with Tory Almond – Kids’ Park

Single men in children’s ministry are a valuable asset to have. They often have tons of time, energy, and enthusiasm that kids love. The church can do several things to help ensure a healthy and productive ministry which includes single men.


Ministering to Moms with Michelle Bowen – Meeting Room 01

Motherhood seems to require juggling many hats. Discover the difference between biblical and cultural roles of motherhood. Gain ideas to foster authentic discipleship relationships in your own home and how to encourage other moms to do the same.


Walk away with a VBS Plan: Part 2 with Jen Kline – Meeting Room 02

Continue with some actionable methods for organizing your VBS. Put what you learned in Part 1 into action. Have the support to work through some of the difficult parts of VBS planning. You will go back to real-life with a VBS plan in place.


Raising Up The Next Generation with Joe Bridger – Meeting Room 03

What are 4 signs someone might be called into ministry? Many people want to be discipled. But how do you recognize in kids, and in your volunteers, someone called into full time ministry? Let’s talk about 4 things to look for!


Equip, Empower & Encourage Grandparents to Hand Down the Faith with Lynda Freeman – Meeting Room 04

Grandparents who are Equipped, Empowered & Encouraged to hand down faith will make a significant difference in the lives of the children in your ministry. Learn how to get them “on board” – as volunteers and as grandparents to grandparent on purpose.


The Super Simple Feelings Management Technique with Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 05

Discover the keys to helping kids to process and deal with overwhelming emotions and circumstances they face in their everyday lives. If you work with hurting kids, this workshop will offer practical guidance and ideas to help you in your ministry.

Thr @ 1 | Breakout Session 11

Inclusion Toolbox with Barbara Newman – Kids’ Activity Room

How to implement low-cost tools to best support children and youth who struggle with attention, interpreting sensory input, and reading and writing. With the proper supports in place, you can enable them to experience the full life of your church.


Peel & Stick – Applying Scripture to Our Lives with Michelle Bowen – Kids’ Auditorium

Discover hands-on, interactive tools to help with Scripture memory. Explore how to personalize the application of theological teaching for spiritual growth in leaders, children, and youth.


Developing Dads with Michael Bowen – Meeting Room 01

Consider the biblical role of the father in a family and how to empower dads to be the pastors of their own homes. Encourage intentional discipleship and spiritual growth through authentic parenting relationships.


Caring for VBS Volunteers with Jen Kline – Meeting Room 02

VBS volunteers are the heart and soul of your VBS program. There are many ways to care for our volunteers. Effective and timely communication is one of the best ways to love volunteers. Learn other ways to make VBS better for your volunteers.


Drama to Disciple – the SEED Theatre Project with Adam Leigh – Meeting Room 03

Prior to ministry, my background and training is in theatre. I took an idea my wife and I had, then created a week-long intensive program where we serve, engage, equip, and disciple through performing arts. I would love to share the what, why, and how!


Preteens – Connecting with Those Between Childhood and Adolescence with Tory Almond – Meeting Room 04

This session will look at the importance of connecting with and reaching this fun, energetic age between childhood and adolescence. Whilst still children at heart, this age group starts acting and thinking more like teenagers.




Women in Ministry with Joy Feemster, Corinne Noble and others – Kids’ Park

A round table discussion group about challenges facing women serving in children’s ministry.


Men in Ministry with Bill Gunter, Doug Olson and Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 05

A round table discussion group about challenges facing men serving in children’s ministry.

Thr @ 2 | Breakout Session 12

Pray for Orphan, Every Child has a Purpose with Alex Fedorchuk – Kids’ Auditorium

Promote idea, that every chid can not just learn, but pray for other kids, maybe from different country, visit elderly people with help.



Overcoming Adversity through Self-Worth with Jarom Smith – Meeting Room 01

PROBLEM: Society has often taught us to be offended by everything our friends and family do, but we end up alienating ourselves from them. ACTION: Learn to look objectively at a problem with a sober mind, vulnerability, and self love.


Effective VBS Follow-Up with Jen Kline – Meeting Room 02

Failure to prepare for VBS follow-up will result in little or no follow-up efforts. Learn how to prepare for effective VBS follow-up BEFORE VBS. Use your VBS program to its fullest potential by putting effective follow-up practices into place.


Sunday Morning Storytelling with Adam Leigh – Meeting Room 03

In my experience, a story is the tool to truly captivate an audience. As Christians, we have the best stories available, but we often share them in a way that confuses our audience. Come learn to prepare and deliver stories to motivate toward action.


Putting the “Fun” in Fundraisers with Joy Feemster – Meeting Room 04

We all have to raise funds, one way or another. Are you tired of bake sales, spaghetti suppers, and car washes? Join us for lots of creative fundraiser ideas from simple to crazy. Bring your ideas to share too!


Women in Ministry with Toni James, Corinne Noble, Jean Thomason and Sabrina Williams – Kids Park

A round table discussion group about challenges facing women serving in children’s ministry.


Men in Ministry with Bill Gunter, Doug Olson and Wayne Stocks – Meeting Room 05

A round table discussion group about challenges facing men serving in children’s ministry.

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