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The Air I Breathe

The Air I Breathe Written by Michael Chanley | Edited by Wyatt Chanley Growing up in the 80’s, the HIV / AIDS crisis was beginning to unfold. We learned about it in school and through news [...]

Your Best VBS

One of the great things we’ve learned from reviewing the world of children’s ministry blogs: VBS is still at thing. Now, to some of you, that might seem like a strange statement. [...]

Is your children’s ministry on the NAUGHTY list?

It’s Christmas Eve and, safe to say, most of us are anticipating some much deserved time spent with family and friends. However, it’s also a time when parents have conversations with their [...]

Antidotes for Anxiety

I stood with my five-year-old daughter in front of the elevator as she gripped my hand and looked at me with a quivering lip and fear in her eyes.  “Don’t make me go, Mommy!  Let’s take the [...]

Servant Leadership, Even to the Little People

I’ve heard children’s ministry sometimes referred to as “the red-headed step-child” of the church.  Not to mention, there is often a lack of feedback from the recipients.  After all, they are [...]

Why People Don’t Care About Your Plea for Volunteers – Diffusion of Responsibility

In 1964, a 28 year-old woman named Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death outside her apartment in New York City. The New York Times later reported that 38 witnesses saw or heard the attack, yet the [...]

Quick Encouragement – Brick upon Brick

Just wanted to give all those that work with kids a quick encouragement… What you do is so vital to the Church, but more importantly it can mean eternal life or death for those you are investing [...]

How to Fight Ministry Battles

Blood pressure rising… heart racing… ragged breathing… the fight is on! The fight comes in so many ways… It can come suddenly through a call from an angry parent or volunteer, or through the [...]

Book Snippet – Unity and Discipleship

“Discipleship isn’t complicated. It is all laid out. We simply have to start with the beginning, which is Christ’s authority over everything in heaven and earth, and we make [...]

How to Reach Out to the Single Parents in Your Church-Even When You Don’t Have the Time

You are already REALLY busy with your children’s ministry responsibilities (not to mention your life outside church). How could you possibly contribute to lives of the single parents in your [...]

Underdog Spotlight #3: Jessica Fleck

Many times working in children’s ministry, we can feel discouraged when we feel insignificant, and wonder if our work is really making a difference. But what if God actually calls ministers [...]

Underdog Spotlight #2: Wayne Stocks

At 2016’s North American CMConference in Louisville, CMConference Executive Director Michael Chanley said that bivocational ministry isn’t a “stepping stone” to [...]

Underdog Spotlight #1: Toni James

In churches, senior pastors can often have the connotation of being uninterested in children’s ministry. This is definitely not the case with Toni James, Senior Pastor of New Vision Church [...]

Underdog Spotlight Mondays: A New CMConnect Feature

Hi, I’m Kat Gensler-Nic, and I am starting out helping CMConnect with its writing and social media, starting with a new weekly feature that we hope will uplift and help all of you that are [...]

How Coaching and Ministry are Similar

All this football hype in Europe got me thinking about how important coaches are and how similar coaching is to working with young people in the church. Having worked over 25 years with youth in [...]

4 Alternatives to VBS This Summer

Summer stress is a real thing. Chances are your community has high expectations for what you should be doing. I know I can’t make it through a summer without getting numerous [...]

Surviving VBStress

If you are in kid’s ministry you are most likely right in the middle of a super busy quarter preparing for a major event or two. Whatever you call it: VBS, Kid’s Camp, Kid’s [...]

Small Church Challenges: Is the Grass Greener in Large Churches?

  I sat in my office in a small church, a young church plant, thinking about other children’s pastors and ministry directors in larger churches wishing that I could have their time, [...]

The cyber-bullying of Ryan Frank

I’ve known Ryan Frank for over eight years. He’s a good guy. He’s hardworking. He’s ambitious. Like a lot of children’s ministry leaders I know, he would be [...]

The second best conference for children’s ministry?

It’s okay to come in second… When we set out to create an event for our online community our goal was never to compete with existing events. We know there is a growing number of [...]

2016 in review… and a preview of 2017

Where we’ve been and where we’re going! CMConnect exists to connect, serve and advance under-resourced children’s workers from all over the world. We focus on training from the [...]

Three things you should do for your ministry volunteers this week

Three things you should do for your ministry volunteers this week At Christmas season people are, generally speaking, in a giving spirit. This is especially true for people who are involved [...]

CMConnect Receives PLATINUM Rating from GuideStar

GuideStar, which exists “to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving,” [...]

Discipleship Program

CMConnect is excited to announce our new Discipleship Program. The CMConnect Discipleship Program is a relational approach to ministry development based on the model and life of Jesus Christ. [...]

Blitz Ministries Joins CMConnect to co-host the Children’s Ministry Conference

Blitz Ministries Joins CMConnect to co-host the Children’s Ministry Conference One of the things I’ve always been passionate about is working with like minded leaders. Roger Fields [...]

Let’s Give the Gift of Children’s Ministry

Do children need to know Jesus? Stand with us to give the gift of Children’s Ministry to under-resourced churches About 4.2 children are born every second. We want to make sure each of them [...]

Headed to Serve in Belize

  Dear friends, I’m Eden Chanley. I’m 11 years old. I’m in the 6th grade and I am going to Belize with my dad’s ministry, CMConnect. I am going to be in Belize for a [...]

4.2 Children per Second

In the time it takes you to count ten seconds, the world’s population of new people will increase by about 42 souls. That’s because, every second, somewhere on this planet, it is estimated 4.2 [...]

Statistics – Children compared to whole congregation

Check out this recently trending conversation from the CMNetwork and share your thoughts…  Statistics – Children compared to whole congregation Posted by  Chris Claassen My executive [...]

What’s Next?

Yesterday, we celebrated eight years since our ministry launched. Our focus has always been on serving leaders in children’s ministry. We believe training leaders in local churches is the [...]

What Makes the Children’s Ministry Conference Unique?

Our ministry exists to connect, serve and advance those called to serve children. We work with churches and ministries all around the globe to further the gospel. One of the most practical ways [...]

Post Conference Follow Up

We’ve been busy getting some new programs and ministry opportunities in place. It’s all designed to serve you, and people like you, who are called to serve children in the Church. [...]

Do you listen to podcasts?

One of the most exciting new things we’ve been able to put together this year is our new podcast. It’s a collaborative project featuring me, Brad Tate, Lori Bethran and Trevor Adams. [...]

Moments App

Have you ever finished an amazing event, or program, and thought, “I wish I had taken the time to snap some pics?” It’s a common experience and, if you are the kind of person [...]

Rebuilding our Website

We’ve been working on a complete rebuild of It will include a rebranding of our ministry and a new logo for our online community. You’ll be able to navigate to one [...]

Rise Up

When we first discussed a theme for our 2016 conference we wanted to challenge our community to “rise up” and to stand together. We are strong when we come together. When we link [...]

Get Comfy while Supporting our Mission

The folks at Xorbee have become well known for their super-comfortable, foam-filled loungers. They are a staple at many conferences for youth and children’s pastors and many churches have [...]

CMConnect Announces Site of 2017 Conference

We are super excited to announce the location of the 2017 Children’s Ministry Conference: Graceland Baptist Church in New Albany, Indiana. Just minutes north of Louisville, our partnership [...]

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