Discipleship Program

CMConnect is excited to announce our new Discipleship Program. The CMConnect Discipleship Program is a relational approach to ministry development based on the model and life of Jesus Christ. Participants will journey in an intentional relationship of prayer, coaching, mentoring and discipleship while participating in a small group of 6 to 8 over the course of 12 months.

Ideal candidates for this program will be humble leaders with a desire to connect with others, serve the local church and advance God’s Kingdom.

Led by CMConnect staff members, Michael Chanley and Trevor Adams, the program will begin with self-examination and an assessment of one’s personal spiritual health. It will then cover ways to connect to God using your unique strengths and talents. Each individual will hone their skills as a leader of leaders and receiving coaching to become more effective in ministry.

Graduates will be given an opportunity, if they so desire, to lead a session during the 2018 CMConference and to develop a project to build into the indigenous ministry of one of our many international partners.

For students aged 12 to 18, there is also a condensed version of the program which lasts only three months. It is designed to introduce young people to the world of international missions and discipleship. All students completing the program will earn a “Certificate of Completion” from CMConnect.

If you are interested in participating in this new program, or know someone who would benefit from it, you can learn more, and apply, by visiting: Discipleship.CMConnect.org

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