About the Discipleship Program

The CMConnect Discipleship Program is a relational approach to ministry development based on the model and life of Jesus Christ. Together, we will journey in an intentional relationship of prayer, coaching, mentoring and discipleship.

Ideal candidates for this program will be humble leaders with a desire to connect with others, serve the local church and advance God’s Kingdom.

The program will begin with self-examination and an assessment of one’s personal spiritual health. It will then cover ways to connect to God using your unique strengths and talents. We will hone your skills as a leader of leaders and coach you to become more effective in your ministry. By the end of the year, you will be creating an intentional path of discipleship with the young people in your local church community.

Graduates will be given an opportunity, if they so desire, to lead a session during the 2018 CMConference and to develop a project to build into the indigenous ministry of one of our many international partners.

Discipleship Program Application

Upon approval, you will be assigned to a discipleship group

Required Reading

We will read through the entire New Testament through the course of the year long program. Participants will need to be prepared to discuss the weekly readings and will  have an opportunity to share what they are learning through our online discussions.

Spiritual Pathways Assessment

All participants will take a spiritual pathways assessment test to help discover and reaffirm their individual worship languages.

Strengths Finder Test

We will take the Strengths Finder Test from Tom Rath and discuss the unique gifting of each participant.

Spiritual Gifts Test

Understanding one’s individual talents is an opportunity to refine your ability to serve God. We will take this exam, come together and discuss the results and how it applies to our ability to lead in ministry.

Special Guests

Throughout the year, our team will bring to you challenges from various international ministries partnering with CMConnect. Their stories and passion will inspire you to grow and expand your understanding of relational ministry and local discipleship.


Each group of 6 to 8 will meet weekly, in closed groups, through video chat for an hour.

All participants will be asked to attend a special meeting at the 2017 CMConference and will be invited to an optional Fall Retreat in October of 2017.

Registration for both events are included in the program cost.

A typical week of activities, with some variation:

  • Assigned daily readings
  • One-hour discipleship session
    • prayer, training, encouragement, discussion and a growth-challenge
  • Daily opportunities to connect in discussion groups


At the end of the year, each participant will have developed relationships with others who share their passion for ministry. You will learn about yourself, how to lead more effectively and a practical model for discipling volunteers and children in your local church.

Each group will be assigned an area of geographic focus and will be challenged to advance those serving in the local church there.

Those with a calling to teach, will be given an opportunity to become trainers at one of our future events.

Success will be measured based on one’s willingness to complete the materials and participate in the discussions.


The program cost is $100 a month. All funds raised from this program will go to support the work of our international mission to connect, serve and advance under-resourced children’s workers.

Conference Travel and Lodging

Registration to the conference is included. However, other expenses related to attending the conference are not. A proper estimate of travel and lodging expenses will vary widely based on where the participant is traveling from. However, a general estimate to budget is the following:

  • Food – Depending on your diet habits, estimate $90 to $150 for meals
  • Lodging – $130 to $360 (depending on the room you select and if you share with another participant).
  • Rental Car – A typical rental car may cost you $30 or $40 per day, depending on the company you choose and the amount of fuel it consumes.
  • Airfare – Flights are to Louisville International Airport (SDF) and may be anywhere from $90 to $600, depending on your city of origin.

Annual Retreat (optional)

The registration to the annual retreat is included. However, you will need to cover your travel expenses to the location. We will be releasing additional information about this later. Our plan is to cover all lodging and food expenses once you arrive at the retreat center.

Adapted Program for Youth

We have a condensed version of our Discipleship Program which has been uniquely designed to introduce students to international missions while shepherding them through an intentional discipleship process. This program is ideal for students who are 12 to 18.

screen-shot-2016-12-05-at-4-26-42-pmThe program includes much of the full program with the following key differences:

  • Assigned readings will be condensed to cover the books of I Timothy, II Timothy and James
  • The program will only last for three months
  • The cost of the Student Program is only $200
  • Students will receive a certificate of completion in “Introduction to Missions and Discipleship”

Program Leaders

Michael Chanley

Michael Chanley is an ordained minister with over 18 years experience serving families and children. He has served in churches with 30 members to ones with over 30,000. He now serves as the President and Executive Director of CMConnect.

He is also the author of “Collaborate: Family + Church” a collaborative work by 35 authors on how the church can impact the family. Chanley is an award winning speaker and does training, consulting and ministry work internationally on issues related to Children’s and Family Ministry. He has travelled to over 34 countries and has a genuine heart to serve and train leaders of leaders with a focus on leadership in the local church and discipleship of children.

Trevor serves at CMConnect as the Director of Discipleship and Training. He has served in the church as both a lay leader and as a full-time minister. His passion is to see people become radical disciples of Christ, following His leading with their whole heart. He has trained both young and old to become disciples who make disciples.

Trevor Adams

About CMConnect



We bring together people called to lead children and connect them to great resources and training.



Our ministry exists to serve under-resourced children’s workers and to challenge people to serve the “least of these” in their local community.



Together we create momentum within the church to advance a generation of people called to serve Christ and His children.

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