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One of the most exciting new things we’ve been able to put together this year is our new podcast. It’s a collaborative project featuring me, Brad Tate, Lori Bethran and Trevor Adams. We start the show by discussing current topics or news. Then, we feature an interview with a leader in children’s ministry. Finally, we wrap up the show with a question and answer time. During the question and answer segment, we address topics which have come up in conversation from our community. You can send your questions in to

You can access our podcast using iTunes or Stitcher. In both cases, it is completely free. You can find us by using the search feature or by going to our webpage here: CMNow

Give it a listen. Then, we would encourage you to share it with your children’s ministry volunteers. Once they subscribe, it will be a great tool for helping them to continue to grow in their ability to lead at your church.

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