Every event is designed to be a unique experience…

Our ministry offers a variety of innovative conferences and events. Each unique in their design and focus, they collectively allow us to serve our community through intentional gatherings and trainings. We encourage you to join us and to experience a sincere community designed around a simple concept: to serve not sell.

Relationship is our focus. You are our guests. Together we are going to have a great time!


Born out of a vision to bring together volunteers willing to share their unique experiences and talents with under-resourced leaders, the CMConference hosts a diverse and immersive learning experience for the seasoned veteran and the ministry noob.

CMConnect Retreat Long

  • Details on the next CMRetreat are coming soon.

Designed as an opportunity to get away and get refreshed, the CMRetreat invites you to relax and recharge while reconnecting to God in the beautiful country of Belize. Food, lodging and adventure are all included as part of the experience!

The CMLeading events are designed for those who are “leading” in any capacity in their local children’s ministry. Limited to a very small group, this event will be centered on round table discussions facilitated by leaders with a diverse range of experience in ministry.

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