Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 9.00.37 AMThe folks at Xorbee have become well known for their super-comfortable, foam-filled loungers. They are a staple at many conferences for youth and children’s pastors and many churches have their chairs in small group and meeting areas for youth.

At the 2016 Children’s Ministry Conference, we are excited to announce you’ll be able to buy the first line of a new Xorbee product. It will be co-branded with CMConnect and funds from the sale will go to support our nonprofit mission. You’ll be able to “Get Comfy” while showing your support for global children’s work.


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Michael Chanley

Michael Chanley is an ordained minister with over 18 years experience serving families and children. He has served in churches with 30 members to ones with over 30,000. He now serves as the President and Executive Director of CMConnect.

He is also the author of “Collaborate: Family + Church” a collaborative work by 35 authors on how the church can impact the family. Chanley is an award winning speaker and does training, consulting and ministry work internationally on issues related to Children’s and Family Ministry. He has travelled to over 34 countries and has a genuine heart to serve and train leaders of leaders with a focus on leadership in the local church and discipleship of children.
Profile photo of Michael Chanley