Headed to Serve in Belize


Dear friends,
I’m Eden Chanley. I’m 11 years old. I’m in the 6th grade and I am going to Belize with my dad’s ministry, CMConnect. I am going to be in Belize for a little over a week in October. We’ll be serving with my dance group, Elevate Dance Ministry. Then, two churches, Lincoln Hills Christian Church and First Capital Christian Church will be joining us for a second week.
I am going to Belize for many things. We’ll be using dance to teach kids about Jesus. It’s part of what our dance group does. We will also be serving with some of the school programs and doing some light construction jobs (basically whatever is needed). We are going to be serving with Kidz Konnect 4 Jesus. They are a ministry partner of CMConnect and friends of my dad. We’re staying at their mission camp.
We need to raise money for Belize so I am asking if you would like to help me with that. We still have to raise a little to cover the shots they made us get. ICK!. Also, I’d like to collect some funds to be able to bless the ministry in Belize and, if possible, enough to finish the kitchen project for our friends in Tanzania. It will really allow them to feed more children. It would be amazing if you could just give a little.


Thank you for your time!
Eden Chanley  
Eden wanted to write a note to help raise funds for her part of our trip next week. She thought we might still be able to come up with some extra funding to help someone in need or to finish one of our other projects. So, I helped her out a little bit with the wording… but, it’s really all her heart.
If you can give, we would be blessed by it. If not, please do remember us in your prayers. We’ve had an incredibly busy season. We have some new team members coming onboard and we have a new office. We really need prayers!
I’ve just returned from Ghana to serve a local church and now, we head to Belize. I’d love for you to join us and to follow along in our journey.
If you’d like to stand with us by helping to provide funding support for our ministry, you can
I’d love for you to join us and to follow along in our journey. You can find me on instagramfacebook or twitter, just search my name or “CMConnect.” I am honored to stay connected with you!
Thanks for your prayers and ongoing friendship,
Michael Chanley
President and Executive Director, CMConnect
I’m available to answer any of your questions… text me: 812.736.7780.

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