Let’s Give the Gift of Children’s Ministry

Do children need to know Jesus?
Stand with us to give the gift of Children’s Ministry
to under-resourced churches
About 4.2 children are born every second. We want to make sure each of them grow up to be discipled by a local church with a leader who cares about children. However, to make this happen, we really need your help… before you stop reading, this is not a request for you to make a donation.
Will you stand with us to give the gift of Children’s Ministry?
Our new 2017 budget will equip us to train 1,000 more Church leaders to disciple children. This challenge includes launching new programs and events with our international partners. If fully funded, we’ll be able to create multiple training programs in Africa and Central America. We’ll also be able to increase our support of immigrant and orphan ministries in Europe while also expanding our domestic ministry here in the USA.
“It’s as simple as sharing a post on social media.”
To make all of this a reality, we are asking a few of our key friends and supporters to rally their friends, family, and networks to support our work. As you know, we exist to serve under-resourced children’s workers, this means many in our network can not help fund what we do. We are asking, instead, for people like you to advocate on our behalf. By becoming a fundraiser for CMConnect, you will help develop more children’s ministry leaders, and you’ll help your friends feel good about doing good.
Let’s do this!
Getting started is easy to do, and it’s fun. We will give you all the tools you’ll need to make a difference. It’s really as simple as sharing a post on social media. With your help, I know we can reach our campaign goal by the end of 2016. Together, we can ensure the ongoing development of under-resourced church leaders.
When you create a personal fundraiser page today for CMConnect, you’ll help us fund the development of under-resourced church leaders around the world.
Will you help train 1,000 more Church leaders to disciple children?
If you can find one person to give $1 a day in 2017, we will meet our most challenging funding goal ever… and dramatically expand the discipleship of children around the world!

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