Moments AppHave you ever finished an amazing event, or program, and thought, “I wish I had taken the time to snap some pics?” It’s a common experience and, if you are the kind of person who loves to go back through photos to relive the experience, it can be a frustration. Thanks to social media one can go back and piece together pics from different people who may have attended. However, it can be a challenge to sort through everyone’s various profiles.

Well, if you want a great way to collect photos from your events and programs from those who attended, check out the Moments App from Facebook. I pulled this explanation from the faq section of their website:

Moments is a quick, easy way to gather the photos you and friends take together. After events, celebrations, trips or a night out, it’s often a hassle to collect all the photos you’ll want to look back on. With Moments, you can give your photos to friends, get their photos, and keep them all in a single private place.

It’s a great tool and we recently used it to collect over 150 photos and videos at the 2016 Children’s Ministry Conference. Download the app for free and give it a try. If you were with us last week, share your pics with us and we’ll add you to the album we’ve created.

Then, next time you host an event or program at your church, ask some of those in attendance to join you on Moments and enjoy the simplicity of creating a collaborative album. I think you’ll find it to be a simple and easy way to collectively share your event with families in your community.

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