2016 Children’s Ministry Conference Breakout Library


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This bundle includes all published breakout recordings from the 2016 Children’s Ministry Conference. It is the perfect addition to your personal training library and includes 58 audio files with a wide range of topics from the conference.


Save big on this bundle of all published breakout recordings from the 2016 Children’s Ministry Conference!

Includes the following 58 audio files:

AmyBishopPreschool Ministry Ideas That WorkNo matter how you slice it-preschoolers need Jesus! Learn how to connect with every preschooler Physically, Intellectually, Emotionally and Spiritually(PIES). Get fun, doable ideas that are grounded in faith and rooted in Scripture.
AmyBishopTeam Up: A Game Plan with ParentsNeed a game plan for equipping parents to be the primary nurturers of faith development in their kids? We’ll give you a game plan to team up with parents. Explore 4 strategies that will establish some common ground and next level family faith at home!
AprilJacksonHelp Me! The Kids Are Out of Control!Stressed out & overwhelmed by unruly or disrespectful kids? It’s not about control. It’s about cooperation. In this workshop you’ll learn to manage your classroom based on the Golden Rule, in an age-appropriate environment, and through cooperation.
AundriaCostellowCreative ways to Memorize ScriptureCombining music, motions, games and scripture to help people of any learning style have fun while memorizing. Everybody has a unique learning style. Explore ways to teach using all learning styles at once with very effective results.
AundriaCostellowTurn why? into WHY!Why do we memorize God’s word, Why should we evangelize, Why should we go and make disciples? Once you have a clear understanding of the WHY, the what, how and who become very clear. Learn to inspire, excite and equip kids, leaders and parents
BeckyWooDon’t Fear the ‘R’ word!Recruiting doesn’t have to be a bad word. In this session, we’ll go over practical ways to help fortify your ministry with workers who are devoted, reliable, punctual, and excited to serve!
BeckyWooThe Work of the Spirit in the Life of a ChildKids don’t receive a ‘kid sized portion’ of the Holy Spirit. In this session we’ll learn the importance of teaching kids about the Holy Spirit and practical ways to teach kids to recognize the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
BoHarringtonLeading While Carrying JunkAll of us have junk and baggage in life. Sometimes we deal with it in healthy ways, other times we let it consume us. In this session we will have a very real and candid conversation about how to lead when you really feel like you can’t.
BrentDumler3 Fuels That Can Prevent Burnout This YearUnhealthy leaders lead unhealthy teams and churches. Balance is essential. There is enough ‘work’ throughout the week to keep us running constantly…if we let it. But God did not design us for that, and He does not expect that from us either.
BrentDumler3 Keys to Surviving a Significant TransitionFaith and obedience are common themes in church leadership. Feeling anxious about your future? This breakout will explore the realities, struggles, and blessings of following God’s calling while staying sane and healthy through the journey.
BrentDumlerCreating a Healthy Culture in Your MinistryGreat things can happen when ministry teams share a common set of values. These values will have enormous influence on the culture of your ministry. They can also become powerful leadership development tools for training team members.
BrookeFoldenCreative Ways to Manage your Preschool ClassroomAt this session we will discuss ways to learn how to get to the bottom of the discipline issues we commonly have in preschool classrooms. What are they trying to tell you? You will learn practical ways you can find and help meet their needs.
BrookeFoldenMinistering to the Preschool HeartThis session will give practical ideas that you can implement right now to improve your preschool class. Learn how to engage preschoolers and make it more than just telling a story. Preschoolers are ready to learn, you just have to be ready to teach!
BrookeFoldenPrayer in the Life of a PreschoolerPrayer is foundational in our relationship with Christ and growing our faith.There is no better time than in the preschool years to begin to learn to pray. In this session we will discuss creative ways that you can engage a preschooler in prayer.
ChristinaEmbreePractical Discipleship at Home: Easy Wins for ParentsPartnering with parents is the best way to ensure what is shared on Sunday gets talked about on Monday. Give your parents/caregivers some “easy wins” at home that will make faith formation and discipleship less scary and a lot more fun!
ChristinaEmbreeVBS for the Whole FamilyWalt Disney figured it out and built a magic place that attracts millions every year. The secret? Families want to be together! This year, why not make your VBS a place for the whole family to grow and have fun together? Family VBS 101 starts here!
ChristinaEmbreeWhen Family Ministry Doesn’t (seem to) WorkTransitioning a ministry to a more family-focused approach can be difficult. You may be tempted to think it doesn’t work. But with the right tools, you can discover the kind of ministry that best fits your church, your families, and your community.
ChristinaEmbreeWhen Generations CollideIncluding children in corporate worship is a new “hot spot” but can lead to intergenerational conflict if the church isn’t ready. Learn how to help transition your church culture and foster lasting meaningful relationships across the generations.
DarrenWashausenHandling Trauma filled Children in your Kids MinistryKids from Hard Places can come from many places, but most come from an environment of foster care and adoption. In this session, we will explore why children with a history of trauma will act different in your classroom and how to deal with them.
DeaneHartzellParents Helping Their Young AthleteYoung athletes will remember their sports experiences for a lifetime. How are you going to help those experiences be positively memorable? How can God’s Word show you how to help make sports fun and help a young athlete learn something new.
DeaneHartzellSports & the Gospel: How To Weave Them TogetherHow can the Biblical message be included in sports? How can parents, coaches, referees, fans, and athletes be impacted with the Gospel? What are the (not always easy) steps to make it happen?
DeaneHartzellSports Camp 101Why have a Sports Camp? What if I’m not athletic? Where do you begin? What are the elements to make it work for any size group or any age? How can the Gospel be intertwined in the Sports Camp experience?
GreggJohnsonBuilding an Effective Ministry to Tweens Based on the Narrative of Jesus at 12What happened to Jesus at 12 can happen again in our preteens today. Come find out how!
HeidiHensleyGlitter, Play Dough, and TheologyWe will dive into the fun and depth that can be preschool ministry, while covering outreach and parent involvement for families!
JeanThomasonP.E.P. TALKSIf you work with toddlers/preschoolers you probably need a PEP TALK! Giving you tools and enthusiastic confidence to teach about God, Jean (“Miss PattyCake”) gives biblical principles and practical ideas for age-appropriate spiritual formation.
JeanThomasonPulling Preschoolers into PraiseFirst, refresh yourself with a greater understanding of biblical praise! Now, engage with little ones and celebrate God together. Learn seven fun ways to practice praise – at church and at home. HALLELUJAH!
JeanThomasonUpside Down and JelloA child’s mind is like JELLO. God’s Kingdom is “upside down”. In light of our culture, what can we do to capture this generation for the Kingdom. Come be encouraged! You are part of the HIGH CALLING to LITTLE CHILDREN.
JeffreyReed30 SecondsYou CAN’T miss this one. It’s about what could be the most overlooked chance to lead parents… It’s the hand-off of kids from your teachers back to parents. In 60 minutes, you’ll get 10 things you can do in that 30 seconds that might change eternity.
JessicaFleckDeveloping Leadership for Relationships and GrowthHow to develop leaders to lead others – paid or volunteers. We will learn about developing a plan to build a team that is lead well, is highly relational and can grow exponentially.
JessicaFleckDeveloping Leadership for Relationships and Growth – WorkshopKey materials and strategies will be worked through for relational, Jesus centered and growth inclusive leadership.
JessicaFleckKids Min as a Part of Church PlantingHow to set up children’s ministries in a church plant. Dos and don’ts, practical insights, and information from experience.
JodiSeeversEverything I Need To Know… I Learned In Early ChildhoodSo many moving pieces in early childhood ministry! How can we juggle it all?! This breakout will focus on the logistics/operations management side of early childhood ministry. Looking forward to sharing ideas and practical take-aways!
JustinGravesHow to get your Kids to Rise Up and Worship…through MusicMusic is a powerful tool that helps kids learn the Word of God in ways that stick with them the rest of their lives. Come join me as we discover ways to use music to enhance your service, engage your kids and train your worship leaders. Rock On!
LindaRanson JacobsHurting Families & Messy MinistriesFamilies experiencing grief, divorce and other life crisis such as same sex parents, transgender issues, etc. need KidMins who understand. Become familiar with resources and best practices to reach hurting families and messy people.
LindaRanson JacobsWays to Help the Disruptive Child, Short of Looking for a Herd of PigsEver wanted to “fling” those demons out of the disruptive child and cast them into a herd of pigs? Learn ways to accommodate the disruptive, challenging behavior child. Hear success stories about real kids and changed lives.
MarieKuckHelpful Tips and Resources to Minister to Kids with Special NeedsLearn how to minister to kids with special needs. Get connected with great resources, curriculum, sensory rooms and ministry models. This workshop will help no matter your experience or ministry size.
MarieKuckRespite Care for Kids with Special Needs is a Win! Win! Win!Learn how to provide a fun and safe respite care/parents day out program for kids with special needs, where kids have fun, parents get a break and your volunteers are trained! A great way to reach out to special needs families in church & community!
MarieKuckSpecial Needs Ministry: Where Do I Begin?Wondering how to start a special needs ministry when you have no experience? Don’t send them away because you don’t know what to do! Come learn about some of God’s unique kids & the basic practical steps of starting a ministry to kids w/special needs
MichaelChanley7 Next Steps with CMConnectWant to get involved in serving the global children’s ministry community? We’ll discuss seven opportunities for you to lead using your specific gifts and areas of passion. Then, we will offer practical next steps to serve your local church and children around the world.
MickSchultzMinistry Training AcademiesShort volunteers? Trouble keeping upper elementary children engaged? Ministry Training Academies equip and train children for ministry as well as develop spiritual maturity. It will change the way your church thinks about children.
MistyYatesCreating Unforgettable Special EventsGreat events do have a lot of details… but they also have a story. Let’s breakdown the basics of planning an event, and then kick it up a notch, talk through how God wired people to respond to story and how we can leverage that for our events!
MistyYatesThinking Outside the Box: Unleashing CreativityIt’s easy to get stuck in the same old way of doing things, but our God is creative and we are made in His image. We’ll talk about practical ways to brainstorm and look at how we can spark new ways to look at the same old thing.
NedWayI Hate Kids!You’ll enjoy this offbeat workshop aimed for those struggling in kids ministry or for those just looking for some fresh new crazy ideas! Topics include: making it fun, for both you and the kids, discipline, encouragement and much more. Don’t miss it!
RachaelGrollDealing with the Orphan Spirit in your ChurchToday’s culture creates families that look very different than in years past. Is your church relevant and open to foster families? Adoptive Families? Stepfamilies? Learn how to deal with the issues that can arise and how you can support families
RachaelGrollThe need IS the call147 Million Orphans. Why does that matter? Do you feel like you have enough kids in your own area to worry about? Learn how taking the gospel to other countries will fuel your ministry back home. Jesus gives the Great Commission for a reason.
RhondaHancockCultivating a Culture of GrowthYour Early Childhood Ministry will always be only as good as the volunteers who serve in it. Learn how to cultivate a culture of growth and development in the hearts of your volunteers and take your ministry to places you can only go TOGETHER!
RogerFieldsHow To Keep Kids on the Edge of Their SeatsLearn how to turn spectators into participants. Interactive teaching ideas you can use this Sunday.
RogerFieldsThe Secrets of CreativityYou are more creative than you think. Learn how to unleash ideas. Learn the secrets for creating an innovative environment.
ShaunaHanusAlternatives to VBS and why we do itAs children’s ministers, we are called to bring Christ to kids. In our postmodern society, VBS is losing its steam. Come and learn alternatives to the traditional VBS program and experience first-hand the how and why of what we do during the summer.
ShaunaHanusHow to make Packaged Curriculum come AliveLearn how to take quality, or not so quality, children’s lessons and make them your own. Bring the lessons to life for kids so that they know what the point is. This session will be hands on as we take prepackaged lessons and make them come alive.
ShaunaHanusKnock your socks off Kids Sermons for Big ChurchFind out how to grab the audience’s attention and keep it. With the hook, book, look, took technique you will have people months after your message coming back declaring I remember the point. Better still, the kids will get the point and remember it.
SteveKingMaking Kids Worship Life TransformingWorship is something we all do, but only rarely do our kids go to a deeper level and connect with God. Truly understanding worship helps us convert sing-a-longs to life transforming kids worship.
TimClearyWhy the Church needs Digital DisruptionIn this talk I’ll be discussing what digital disruption is. How it’s affecting the world and how technology can and will change the church for good if we allow it. Our response is to curate experiences that are immersive and participatory!
ToniJamesChildren’s Ministry on a Shoestring BudgetIt doesn’t seem to matter the size of the church, the budget for Children’s ministry is often the smallest. So, we have to be frugal and creative in how we do things. Join me for some fun ideas on how to do KidMin when the budget funds are limited.
TrishaPeach5 Keys to Great RecruitingThe do’s and don’ts of great volunteer recruiting. Pastor Trisha, former recruiter for Mall of America ASC security, took her church’s kidmin volunteer force from 100 to 276 leaders! She’s here to share her “secrets” with you!
TrishaPeachWhy Leaders Quit, and how You and your Leaders can go the DistanceDid you know that 4 out of 5 ministry leaders quit before year 5? We are losing too many great pastors and key volunteers. Let’s take a look at the real reasons why great leaders quit. Then let’s strategize how to stay in for the long haul.
WayneStocksDealing With Difficult EmotionsKids and teens today deal daily with emotions that would make many adults buckle under the pressure. We’ll take a closer look at the “Big 5” (Anger, Anxiety, Sadness, Grief & Stress) as well as how you can help kids deal with difficult emotions.
WayneStocksReaching Kids from Modern Families With the GospelToday’s modern families take many forms, and the kids in those families all need the Gospel. We’ll examine the spiritual impacts of growing up in a modern family and what you can do to reach these kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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