The second best conference for children’s ministry?

It’s okay to come in second…
When we set out to create an event for our online community our goal was never to compete with existing events. We know there is a growing number of options for the churches in North America to get training. For us, it’s not a competition to choose one ministry over another. Rather, we endeavor to provide a cost-effective option for teams of any size which exudes authenticity and transparency… and doesn’t exclude under-resourced churches.
This is why we never sell our teaching or training spaces.
This is why we are selective about the people we invite to exhibit.
This is why we offer a diverse global perspective on ministry, with guests and speakers from all over the world.
It also explains why we don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on fancy venues or marketing campaigns. For us, our event is all about relationship. It’s all about the Church. It’s about meeting you and walking, with you, to grow closer to Christ.
Our conference may not be your number one choice for training. We are okay with being your second option. In fact, we offer a scholarship program which permits people to apply for funding support if they have spent their budget attending an alternative event. Why? Because we exist to serve you and believe whole-heartedly in the value of you furthering your training as a leader.
Yes, you may think of our event as just another option. However, we know from the people who come each year, that we are the number one choice of everyone who has ever attended our conference.
We invite you to join us at the CMConference this February 20-23 near Louisville, Kentucky. We can get you free passes if you have no funding; we can scholarship you even if you’ve spent your budget making other plans. Just come and experience what a conference can feel like when it is designed to serve you and not sell you something.
It’s different… and different is good,
Michael Chanley
President and Executive Director

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