Underdog Spotlight #3: Jessica Fleck

Many times working in children’s ministry, we can feel discouraged when we feel insignificant, and wonder if our work is really making a difference.

But what if God actually calls ministers to insignificance, just like the very little children we are called to serve, so that God can receive all the glory?

Kentucky-based Jessica Fleck is a ministry consultant whose heart is for supporting overworked children’s ministry servants by providing excellent biblically based strategies, support, and leadership training.

To do this work, Jessica combines her heart for ministry with her educational background, which includes a BS in Children’s Ministry and a MA in Intercultural Studies focusing on the Culture of Children. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Communication in Children’s Ministries.

When Fleck thinks of underdogs in relation to children’s ministry, she thinks of all those caring for the “least of these.” When asked about her own work’s underdog status, she had this to say.

“I’d say my work regarding a biblical understanding of the character of God in relation to kids min is sometimes understated,” Fleck says “So many times people are doing ministry but forgetting God, forgetting to put him at the center. I’ve certainly been guilty of it. It’s amazing to me how much time we spend on effectiveness and how little time we spend on being close with and faithful to Jesus, no matter the outcome. We water, we plant, God grows. Faithfulness, not the outcome, is success.”

And that brings us full-circle to Fleck’s unconventional but very Biblical advice to strive for insignificance. “When we serve the least, when we join God’s call to insignificance, the kingdom is brought to earth: “If you welcome one of these little children, in my name, you welcome me. And if you welcome me, you welcome not only me, but the one who sent me.”


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